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Quality vs. quantity in Estonia’s universities

TALLINN - Estonian universities have been independent for about 20 years now, free to teach wh

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Corruption simply routine in Latvia

Aigars Freimanis is one of Latvia’s most famous political analysts and a director of the

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Cut to Grow?

Latvia’s intelligentsia and policy makers are host of a very specific and simplistic und

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Traces of the Soviet past

There is not much news going on in Lithuania in the summertime, except the tropical heat and s

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Does the Baltic Region Exist?

What is the relationship between Lithuania and the other two Baltic nations? It differs from L

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Fostering friendship and understanding

Since late 2008, Representative David C. Y. Wang has been in the post of Head of the Taipei Mi

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New Wave, old habits

Once again the streets of Jurmala were littered with luxury cars, designer handbags and silico

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Latvia’s Health Care System in Crisis

Much ink has been spilled about Latvia’s health care system’s problems. Neverthele

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The man behind the curtain

Most of us would agree that shopping is an indispensable part of our life, and one of the perf

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Harmony? What Harmony?

One of the leading political parties in public opinion surveys in advance of this autumn&rsquo

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