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WikiLeaks - the phenomena of the year 2010 Part II

The WikiLeaks story looks like some post-modernist cyber-thriller and, therefore, will be rega

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Slowpoke Estonians acknowledged Baltic pacemakers

If you are in Lithuania and have never heard an anecdote about a slowpoke Estonian, there must

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The dire situation for local authorities

It is a pity that just before Holy Christmas we cannot write about positive and good things, t

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Clarity of commitment for the sake of security Part II

Russia is not an easy country to please. Less than two weeks after the NATO-Russia summit that

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Football rules the world

Liutauras Varanavicius, born on March 17, 1970 in Kaunas, is the president of the Lithuanian F

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Blushes All Around

The crackpot who runs Libya has a “nurse” with big boobs. The autocrat who runs Ru

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Green Movement zealot, predicting pending dictatorship

He is a nagging pain in the neck of big name officials in Klaipeda Municipality, in ministries

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Crisis and state reform in Latvia Part II

At this moment, Latvia’s most important political task is to establish a program of stat

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A Lonely Voice of Despair

During my last visit to Washington, D.C., where I participated in a timely and good conference

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Putin’s War of Words: The Irony of Russia’s Propaganda against Latvia

The Cold War between Russia and the Western powers has been over for almost 20 years, yet Russ

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