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Multilingualism in the EU

I've regularly read The Baltic Times for five years in the National Library of Vienna, Austria

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Russian aggression in Georgia should be a wake-up alarm to Latvia's sleeping Saeima. Daugavpils, Lat

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War in Georgia another viewpoint

Since the beginning of the Georgian-South Ossetian war on August 7, many things have changed, both o

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Low drug usage for Lithuania

Who ever did this survey has obviously never sat in some of Lithuania's dark corners and witnes

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Proud to be Lithuanian

Here in Ireland I have been reading about the strong reaction by leaders in the Baltic and neighbori

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Credit fraud

It is not nice when Riga is been looked at as a rip of city/destination.  The places that have

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Letter to Vladimir Putin

Soon after you ordered the Russian Federation attack on the Republic of Georgia the presidents of al

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Foreigners not welcome

Often I read how Latvia is trying to encourage tourism. Encourage foreign investors.The

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Human Rights acquittal

I am referring to the article in TBT July31-Aug.6/08 "Latvia defeated in human rights case".

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Lithuanian drivers

Lithuanian can't drive. Among other things driving schools  start their lessons on sidewalk. Th

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