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Lithuania's roads

As a journalist for an international magazine for 20 years, I have noticed in all the corrupt countr

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Renaming Basteja bulvaris

The decision of mayor Janis Birks and the Riga City council to rename Basteja bulvaris is in my opin

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Laar's foresight

As a subscriber to The Baltic Times, I remember an opinion piece of former Estonian Prime Minister M

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Lithuania's Road

Dear Baltic Times,I just saw your article about Lithuanian roads being the most dang

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War Crimes

Dear TBT,Last Friday there was some news: The Human Rights Tribunal in Strasbourg ha

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Dual citizenship in Lithuania

According to this new law, ALL children born to one or both Lithuanian citizens (wherever born, not

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Jewish claim

The condemnation of the Lithuanian government by Jewish organizations abroad for allowing constructi

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Estonian 'Arrogance'

Message: Brand Estonian essentially is pure intellectual arrogance in a bottle! The Estonians object

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Osho debate rumbles on

Dear friend, I'm just writing as a response to the article by  Mr. Archdeacon a

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Gallagher's Support of Second Generation Biofuels will Still Compete with Food and will Destroy the

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