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Latvian hockey

Halifax is totally blown away by the Latvian presence here for the IIHF Men's Worlds.  I a

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Osho fans

My ire is targeted at your article "Oh no, it's Osho:  a villain speaks from beyond the grave"

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Conspiracy Theory?

FBI overt operations in Latvia signal the beginning of the corruption of the government there b

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More Humor Please

You run a very good newspaper, although it is a bit too Lat-centric.  I know Riga is a bit warm

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Birthday expenses cause outrage

It has been a while since I wrote to the editor, I thought I  would give it a rest. But after r

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Papal visit

I commend Pope Benedict XVI for his profoundly moving address to the United Nations which emphasized

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Russians in Estonia

The Russian speakers in the Baltic countries are a valuable resource, a window into a Great Power de

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Prices on the rise

Message: 5 euros for a beer in Latvia? Has your country turned completely mad? When I last visited,

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Response to Irish announcement

In reaction on your ad in The Baltic Times [for healthcare

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Government and organized crime

A government is the organization which is the governing authority of a political unit, the ruling po

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