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Welfare State Blues

After recently having read Mr. Obama's book, "Dreams of my father," I am left with the impression of

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Goodbye Latvians

Re: Progress towards US visa-free regime (issue no. 624)As a Californian living in L

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Sewing Seeds

As a British expat in Estonia it's hard not to notice the noise being made about Russia. The 'Russia

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Evil Empire

Re: Widespread espionage feared in the Baltics (issue 624)Russia is rebuilding its e

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Liberal Naivety

Re: Minority Complex (issue no. 623)If it weren't so tragic, it would be funny to wa

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Swedish Empire strikes back

I visited Latvia in 2004. There were some Finnish and Swedish supermarkets in Riga, and some more pl

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Minority complex

What the hell is wrong with the Baltic States? Why do you need to stir up the conflict with Russia?

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Disingenuous headline

Your headline "Zatlers cuts jobs and freezes wages, outraging lawmakers" is at best disingenuous, as

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Russia and Germany: clash of the titans

In the context of the recent Russian incursion into Georgia, it might be interesting to draw so

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Obama a global beacon for African people

We just came across an article in one of our magazines, where you have been interviewed by Ms.

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