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The Perfect Storm

Early in the week of October 22nd, Turkey began shelling Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) positions in

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Grappling with Lithuania's labor shortage

While all three Baltic states are struggling with the issue of their populations moving abroad to fi

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In recent days the sour smell of corruption 's always wafting through the Baltics but usually s

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Pressing Latvia on issues of democracy

During a recent meeting of American ambassadors to Baltic and Nordic countries,  U.S. Ambassado

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Rude Awakening Comes Too Late

Two placards seen at the recent anti-government street protests in Riga, when put side by side,

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Exploring the future of Baltic energy

The high-profile Vilnius energy conference came to a close on Oct. 11 with mixed results (see story

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Inflation and its causes in the Baltic states

7.1%, 11.4%, 7.2%. Those were the inflation rates for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania respectively for

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Energy Island Fever

The recent energy security conference in Vilnius was a perfect opportunity for the Baltics to put on

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Ambassador packs his boxes

After four years in Estonia, British Ambassador Nigel Haywood is preparing to vacate his office. He

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Ugly Diplomacy

A nasty diplomatic scuffle has erupted over Estonia's integration track record after an astring

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