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A virtual bridge between East and West

This month Estonia's private university, International University Audentes, is celebrating the openi

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Today and history

Estonia's attempts to legally regulate questions related to war graves and war memorials have create

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'The battle is far from over'

HIV has not yet become an epidemic in the Baltic states 's hundreds more die in car accidents every

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Two long-awaited legal cases emerged out of Latvia last week. In the first case, the Riga Regional C

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A staple of free speech and tolerance

Only two years after Diena, the largest daily paper in Latvia, established itself in 1990, Sarmite E

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Adventures in the Latvian Labor Market

After two months of writing about issues such as wage inflation, and the lack of qualified workers i

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February promises to be an exciting, if not tumultuous, month in Latvia. Starting the first day, Par

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Why trade union power is on the rise in Estonia

Estonia's trade union movement was thrown into the spotlight last week after doctors, nurses and med

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See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

On Oct. 26, 2006 The Baltic Times devoted its editorial ("Robin Hood Reversed") to the clandestine w

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The bribery scandal that has shaken Estonia is pedestrian and yet shocking. The fact that corruption

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