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Baltics helping Georgia make fewer mistakes

The Vilnius Energy Security Conference on Oct. 10 's 11 is shaping up to be a major international ev

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Power talks

From September 24-27, Jurmala played host to one of the most important conferences the Baltic region

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Writing On The Wall

For more than a year now Lithuania has been the dull man of Baltic politics. And deservedly so. Afte

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Taking over Latvia's economic reins

When former Economic Minister Juris Strods handed in his resignation on Sept. 17, the nationalist Fo

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A View From The Dungeon

Just when we thought that governance in Latvia had reached a nadir and the only direction remaining

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Facing Tartu University's shrinking numbers

Tartu University, one of Estonia's most important institutions, faces huge challenges in the coming

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Say 'Ei' to Nord Stream

On Sept. 20 Estonian ministers will debate whether to grant permission to a consortium of German and

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Baltic Defense: In search of balanced doctrine

Doctrine: the very word sends shudders when it reaches Baltic ears, what with all the years of Sovie

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On Lithuania's dual citizenship law

The question of legalizing dual citizenship for Lithuanians 's and whether doing so would require a

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Odd Man Out

SLOWLY but surely, Lithuania is digging itself a hole from which it might not be able to crawl out.

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