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The journalist who rocked Latvian politics

The Latvian judiciary has been badly shaken in recent weeks by the publication of transcripts of pho

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Of Mice And Men

In July this paper opined that Latvia has arguably the worst governance in the European Union, a sta

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Is Estonia still a good bet for businesses?

Concerned businessmen gathered in Tallinn on Aug. 24 at a British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce confe

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Statute of Limitations

When it comes to controversial public relations, few things compare to putting a very elderly person

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TNT, Compliments of Tautas Party

Latvia is awash in trouble. As if theongoing investigation into far-reachingbribery and corrupti

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The rebirth of Stalinism in Russia

Du r i n grecentweeksRussia hasl a u n c h e danother massivepropaganda-attack on Esto

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Latvia's telecommunications sell-off

The long awaited privatization of Latvia's major telecommunications and telephone companies is

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Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip suggested over the past week that it is not wise to promise the

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The new face of the U.S.A. in Estonia

The new United States Ambassador to Estonia, Stanley David Phillips, was given a baptism of fire upo

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Return to Sender

Over the past several years the quality of Latvia's postal system has worsened considerably, an obse

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