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Two Estonian soldiers at their last post

Last Friday afternoon at Tallinn Airport, when receiving two caskets draped with Estonian flags, a l

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Doctor's Orders

On the one hand, it is extremely unfortunate that Latvia, which is arguably stricken with the worst

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Holes in Lithuania's education reform

On June 14, Lithuania's major political parties signed a two-page agreement on sweeping reforms to t

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The Baltic Sea Region 's the Most Dynamic in the World

Latvia, a country of the "New Europe," takes over the Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea St

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Plans to build a new nuclear power plant reached fruition over the past week after Lithuanian lawmak

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Plugging the holes in Latvian politics

A number of recent events have added a charge to the political atmosphere in Latvia. One of the

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The death of Russian womanhood as the death of empire

Recently, Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to fly into space, celebrated her 70th birthday and

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This week's meeting between Toomas Hendrik Ilves and George W. Bush in the White House contained as

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Integration in post-Bronze Soldier Estonia

Urve Palo, Estonia's new Minister for Population and Ethnic Affairs, had barely been in

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The past need not determine the future

It is great to be here celebrating the 85th anniversary of U.S. diplomatic relations with Eston

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