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Historic exploration

One of my favorite people in Latvia spent his nineteenth birthday in a labor camp in Siberia. A spr

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Things to keep in mind while volunteering

It will sometimes be difficult, but in the end, the challenge is worth the time. The comforts may b

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Tourism with a purpose

Is a real vacation all about basking in the sun on a lawn chair by the pool or at the seashore with

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Pancakes and peace and quiet

Riga is full of cafes and every time I turn around it seems that a new place has opened up. But sad

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Fresh off the hook and hot off the grill

The old saying goes, "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a

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Smoked ribs, milkshakes and the American dream

Take a drive out from Tallinn's western edge and after about 4km of dull, leafy nothingness you'll h

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For the love of a good meal

Food comforts us. It makes us feel good. We enjoy it. And the search for a good place to eat - bey

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An afternoon in the treetops

I will admit it - I am a tightwad. I don't part with my money easily and finding fun activities in R

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In search of a rush

We all crave adventure in our lives. Perhaps this stems from our roots back in the cave days. Perhap

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A friendly tradition

For me and my friends, a good summer cannot be complete without a canoe trip on one of the many rive

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