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Artforms and masterpieces

We love art. We really do. And luckily, there isn't a shortage of art or artists in Latvia, Lithua

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Europos Parkas

Europos Parkas, Open-Air Museum in the Center of Europe, was founded by Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras

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Looking at Estonia through the eyes of Mother Nature

If you are tired of the pace of the city and the worries that accompany our modern, technological li

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Pure magic at Aukstaitija National Park

There are few areas of Lithuania that can compete with the natural beauty of Aukstaitija. Only 100 k

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Flocking together at Engure Lake

"Hey listen, do you really have to write about this place?" This was the question my friend asked m

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The Great Outdoors

Ah, summer… A time to kick back, relax and do something new. But where to go, what to see? To in

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Russia-Baltics: Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?

RIGA - The "gas war" between Russia and Ukraine in January 2006 has focused European attention on Ru

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in brief - 2006-06-07

Vladimir Ustinov, the Kremlin's long-time chief prosecutor, was unexpectedly dismissed on June 2, Th

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Zdanoka hopes to strengthen relations

RIGA - Latvia's left-wing alliance For Human Rights in United Latvia has promised to offer ruling pa

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Progressive companies stumble over outdated regulations

RIGA - Opening a business in Latvia can be an economic and bureaucratic rollercoaster, even if you k

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