In search of a rush

  • 2006-08-02
  • by Jody Yurkowsky

PHOTO BY Jody Yurkowsky

We all crave adventure in our lives. Perhaps this stems from our roots back in the cave days. Perhaps this has to do more with the way our lives have evolved - we have made everything around us so simple , technology-wise, that it is the rare thing that really challenges us anymore.

I believe this may be where our craving for adrenaline stems from. Once in a while, we need to push ourselves beyond our daily limits. Life in the Baltics, in and of itself, can sometimes do the trick - for the average Western foreigner, life here can sometimes pose challenges that we never expected. But as the countries grow and prosper, this Wild West atmosphere is slowly fading. In its place, adventure tourism is emerging. Bungee jumping, parachuting, windsurfing, hot air ballooning… You name your medicine and chances are that it is available in the Baltics. And all of these activities are available for cheaper than you would pay elsewhere.
So why not push your boundaries. Do something you normally wouldn't have the guts to try. Get out there and have some fun!