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Self-employment still a precarious venture

TALLINN - Starting a company of your own can be a sign of wealth or disaster, depending on the idea

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Estonians skeptical over digital TV

TALLINN - Although Estonia is widely known as an e-country, it seems to be stuck in its digital TV d

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In brief - 2006-05-24

Elion launched its new Internet-based telephone service, hotifon, on May 17 for testing. The service

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Rumors surface about replacing Lattelecom CEO

RIGA - The Scandinavian concern TeliaSonera has approached Latvian officials about replacing the CEO

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Yushchenko looks for friends in high places

RIGA - "We met in an atmosphere of friendship and openness, a traditional feature of our bilateral

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In brief - 2006-05-17

Total foreign direct investment by Lithuanian companies almost doubled in 2005 over 2004 to reach 2.

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Companies keep an eye out for downtown offices

TALLINN - The supply of office space is very low in Tallinn, forcing companies to book their new off

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Luxurious offices, apartments come to Riga

RIGA - The Estonian Real Estate company Manutent has acquired Latvia's Azenas Properties, which owns

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Hanner takes on ambitious plans

VILNIUS - One of Lithuania's largest real estate developers, Hanner, is planning to invest 300 milli

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Merks ends 2006 with low-key projects

RIGA - The construction company Merks, which recently completed the internationally celebrated Arena

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