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Magazine highlights Baltic real estate market

RIGA - The British magazine Property Investor named the Baltic states as one of the world's most pro

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Lithuania, Estonia no longer World Bank borrowers

RIGA - Lithuania and Estonia exchanged letters to the World Bank in Singapore on Sept. 17, and offic

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Labor woes slow Hesburger's Baltic expansion

TALLINN - The Finnish hamburger chain Hesburger, which operates 17 restaurants in Estonia and Latvia

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In brief - 2006-09-13

Estonian nurses lack the time and energy to communicate with patients, as their workload is too heav

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Number of HIV cases grows steadily

RIGA - Approximately 160 people have been infected with HIV this year, which is nearly equal to the

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Government focuses on health care

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian government has set six key strategic objectives for the 2007-2009 state bud

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Latvia, the Netherlands work for better health care

RIGA - Latvia's struggling healthcare system has become an increasing priority in recent months, wit

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Daugavpils Fortress 's a ghost town in need of preservation

Driving in, I know I expected something else. It is a place that defies categorization - a unique

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Tallinn tourists headed for prison

The view is truly breathtaking. From this bit of shoreline in Tallinn's Kalamaja district, just

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Propaganda preserved for the generations

You might consider a park filled with statues of Lenin and Stalin to be a tragic joke. But it is no

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