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Guided tour worth the wet clothes

More often than not, if you are canoeing in the Baltics, you are surrounded by beautiful nature and

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Island hopping

Estonia's coastline is speckled with a constellation of islands, more than 1500 of them, in various

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Boating adventures

Most of us love to be in a boat. And it does not matter if the boat is a one person kayak or a large

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Being kind to Mother Nature while resting in the lap of luxury

Altmoisa Guesthouse, located in western Estonia on Matsalu Cove, with its view of the sea and quiet

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Cold hard reality on wooden pallets

There are times when I want to do something a bit different. To live on the edge and feel a bit dang

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Medieval meets modern in Lithuanian countryside

If you think you need scuba gear or a degree in archeology to go treasure hunting, then you're in f

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Accommodating the masses

There was a time not so long ago in the Baltics when a good hotel meant something quite different th

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Sophistication in the heart of the capital

The Kumu Art Museum may not be a secret to Estonians or those who live in Tallinn, but for those of

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The art of taking a stroll

Hiking through the forested ravine in the summer heat, my eyes search for another piece of art. Arme

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Theater, Music, and Cinema Museum play stage to Chagall this summer

I must have walked by the entrance to the yard over a hundred times. In fact, I lived on the same bl

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