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Riga may boost public transport tickets by 50 percent

RIGA - The Riga municipal company Rigas Satiksme (Riga Transportation) submitted its final proposal

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Baltic transit: Historical links, opportunities for the future

RIGA - From the days of the Hansiatic league, the Baltic states have long been the meeting place of

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Latvian soldiers proud to serve

RIGA - As Riga prepares to host NATO's 26 leaders in the biggest political event the Baltic state ha

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Street Talk

Do you feel safer, now that Latvia has joined NATO?Antra, babysitter

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Riga Summit Advisory

Security zonesFrom Nov. 28 until 19:00 on Nov. 29, the above security zones in downto

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New radar for Estonian-Russian border

IDA-VIRU COUNTY, Estonia - The Border Guard Board has approved the construction of a new radar tower

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To serve or not to serve: conscription in the Baltics

RIGA - In an effort to keep up with NATO expectations, only Latvia has concretely begun plans to pha

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Zokniai air base becomes investment hotspot

VILNIUS - One of the most modern airports in Eastern Europe, the Zokniai military air base serves a

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Presidents bond over ambitious communique

VILNIUS - The presidents of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland signed a joint communique on stren

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Polish, Lithuanian leaders hope for 'more pragmatic' relations

VILNIUS - Lithuanian-Polish relations may enter a new, more pragmatic phase now that twin brothers J

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