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TALKING TAX: More air to breathe in Latvia's tax enforcement system

A long-awaited day for Latvian taxpayers is coming as amendments to Taxes and Duties Act 1995 go int

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Latvian government sends mixed signals on migrant workers

RIGA - Latvia's Cabinet of Ministers agreed on Dec. 19 that no restrictions would be placed on Bulga

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Lithuania's poverty level drops

VILNIUS - The Statistics Department reported this week that some 615,000 residents, 18 percent of th

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Optimism overheating Estonia, Latvia's economy

RIGA - The Baltics' economic euphoria shows no sign of abating, as Latvia and Estonia's gross domest

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TALKING TAX: Schemes in cross-border employment

Foreign investment and accession to the EU have given rise to a relatively new phenomenon for local

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Baltics to be hit hardest by natural gas price-hike

RIGA - Russia's Gazprom announced last week that it would raise the price of natural gas for Europea

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Constructionrises by 16 percent

RIGA - The Latvian national statistics office reported that the nation's construction volume has rea

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SEB predicts rate hikes for Estonia

TALLINN - Bank loans will become more expensive in 2007 due to the continual rise of inter-bank inte

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Russia behind hike in gas prices

TALLINN - The Russian natural gas monopoly, Gazprom, will raise the price of gas sold to the Baltic

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Economic development slowdown for Lithuania

VILNIUS - Lithuania will retain its fast economic development in the near future, however growth wil

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