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TALKING TAX: Lithuanian real estate tax continues quest for improvement

As of Jan. 1, 2006 the new Law on Real Estate Tax, which introduces significant changes into the tax

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Latvia banks among most profitable

Latvian banks have the second highest profitability among EU member states, according to the latest

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E-bills catching on in Estonia

TALLINN - The freshest data in Estonia suggests that roughly a quarter-million bills, or 9 percent o

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Report: Estonia needs to raise productivity

TALLINN - To maintain rapid economic growth, Estonian businesses need to make significantly larger i

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Lithuanians spend more on food

RIGA - Lithuanian households spend more money on food than households in Latvia and Estonia, the Lat

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Estonia ready for shipping on Peipsi

TALLINN - Economic Affairs Minister Edgar Savisaar has informed his Russian colleague that Estonia w

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Bank of Latvia raises refinance rate, warns of continued inflation

RIGA - The council of the Bank of Latvia on July 14 decided to raise the refinancing rate by 0.5 per

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TALKING TAX: 'Hey, where should I put my old fridge?'

As of July 1, 2006 the Natural Resources Tax in Latvia is applicable to a sale of an electric or ele

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Internet banking strong as ever

TALLINN - At the end of June the five largest commercial banks had 1,272,350 Internet banking and 20

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Inflation unrelenting in Estonia

TALLINN - Annual inflation in Estonia reached 4.3 percent as of the end of June, with consumer price

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