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TALKING TAX: Tax efficient structures in the Baltic states

The purpose of this article is to give a concise overview of the possible tax structures which can r

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Hansabank: Balts should curb lending

RIGA - To reduce the risk of overheating economies, Baltic banks should curb lending growth, Hansaba

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Let's welcome the 'Baltic tigers'

RIGA - A recent report by Nordea shows a mixed, yet all-round upbeat picture for the Baltic states'

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Construction wages keep climbing

RIGA - The wages of construction workers in Latvia have skyrocketed 59 percent over the past year, t

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Latvia tops Baltic inflation list

RIGA - Latvia's annual inflation in October still remained higher than in neighboring Lithuania and

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Estonians to be as rich as Portuguese

TALLINN - Estonia's per capita GDP will reach the same level as Portugal in 2007, new Eurostat figur

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Euro accession drifts further away

TALLINN - Due to consistent inflation, it will be nearly impossible for Estonia to join the eurozone

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Latvia lags behind in Baltic trade

RIGA - Latvia still falls behind its Baltic neighbors Lithuania and Estonia by export and import in

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TALKING TAX: VAT anti-avoidance: the Baltic angle

A couple of weeks ago I attended a meeting we regularly have with VAT experts from other EU countrie

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Latvia, Estonia to pay sweet EU fine

RIGA - The Latvian government on Nov. 6 said that it would pay the EU 1.1 million euros for excess s

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