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Estonians more cautious about property

TALLINN - The slowdown in real estate prices and growth of interest rates has made Estonians more ca

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Lithuania suffers 'Russian energy bug'

VILNIUS - A top Lithuanian official has said that the country's energy dependence on Russia could be

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TALKING TAX: New e-tax-returns: has the bureaucracy vanished?

Prior to March 24, 2006 all Latvian businesses were able to submit tax returns in electronic form to

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Finnish-Estonian trade unions shake hands

TALLINN - Spurred by the opening of the Finnish labor market to new EU member countries as of this M

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Latvia sees ultra-low interest rates

RIGA - Latvia is the only European Union member state in which loan interest rates are lower than in

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Estonia foregoes excise tax

TALLINN - Estonian ministers last week decided to postpone a planned rise in the excise tax in order

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European Parliament to be tough on Maastricht criteria

VILNIUS - The European Parliament is reportedly preparing to express a stern opinion about whether n

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EC gives Estonia bleak inflation forecast

TALLINN - The European Commission has estimated the annual rate of inflation in Estonia will be 3.6

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Latvia to keep grip on fuel excise

RIGA - Latvia might continue the practice of not adjusting the excise tax rate on fuel to the euro/l

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Bank of Estonia forecasts 8.1 percent growth

TALLINN - The Bank of Estonia released a new batch of forecasts last week, predicting that this year

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