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Latvian economy rockets 13.1 percent in 1Q

RIGA - First quarter economic growth in Latvia reached a staggering 13.1 percent, the statistics off

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EU hails Estonian pension reform

TALLINN - Expenditures on pensions in Estonia by 2050 are estimated to decline by 2.5 percentage poi

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Estonia at risk of overheating

TALLINN - Preliminary data shows that Estonia's economy grew 11.6 percent over the first quarter, th

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Report: informal deal may give boost to bilateral energy cooperation

VILNIUS - A leading daily reported last week that Polish authorities dragged their feet on a crucial

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Cabinet approves four-year budget plan

TALLINN - Estonia's government approved a budget strategy for the years 2007 's 2010 that calls for

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IMF: Latvia must beware 'overheating'

RIGA - A mission from the International Monetary Fund has warned the Latvian government that the eco

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Baltic wages climbing fast

TALLINN - Fresh statistics from Estonia and Lithuania show that average wages and salaries soared ov

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'Euro-blues' settle over Baltics

VILNIUS - Baltic financial leaders are now in an extended period of reflection as hopes for early en

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TALKING TAX: New regulation clarifies VAT application in Latvia

The government adopted new regulations on implementation of the Law on Value Added Tax. The regulati

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Tourist numbers soar in Latvia, Lithuania

RIGA - The number of foreign tourists visiting Vilnius in 2005 grew 20 percent to 1.2 million, while

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