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EU Commissioner warns of inflation, slow EU fund implementation

VILNIUS - On her recent visit to Vilnius, the EU budget commissioner lambasted the government's inac

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Estonia & Singapore sign agreement

TALLINN - Estonian Finance Minister Aivar Soerd signed a new double taxation agreement with Singapor

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Non-residents impact Latvian economy

RIGA - Deposits from non-residents into Latvian banks significantly affect the nation's GDP, a recen

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Latvia and Estonia to close pension loophole

RIGA - Latvia and Estonia have announced an agreement to change their pension systems, thereby restr

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2009 for Lithuanian euro?

VILNIUS - Analysts at SEB Vilniaus Bankas have laid heavy criticism on the government's tentative 20

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Inflation unrelenting in Estonia

TALLINN - Estonian economists said the 5 percent annual increase in consumer prices in August, one o

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Europe's hardest workers?

VILNIUS - Citing a report by the European Organization for Observation of Labor Relations, a daily p

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Estonia too dependent on Russian gas

TALLINN - Gerard Doucet, secretary general of the World Energy Council, has warned Estonians of bein

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Double-digit growth in Latvia persists

RIGA - Latvia's economy expanded 12 percent in the first half of the year, fueled by trade, construc

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TALKING TAX: How thin is capitalization in the Baltics?

In financing subsidiaries, corporations face a dilemma: debt finance or equity finance. In general,

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