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Baltic stock exchanges adopt new indexes

TALLINN - The Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius stock exchanges will adopt new indexes under unified rules a

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Lithuanian workers' rights violated at Finland's Turku Port

TURKU, Finland - Occupational health and safety organizations in the Finnish cities of Turku and Por

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IMF urges Latvia to curb lending

RIGA - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged Latvia to take steps to curb the high rate of

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SEB Group predicts robust growth

RIGA - The Swedish SEB group of banks is one of the most active banks in the Baltic states, and on O

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TALKING TAX: Finnish taxes and profit repatriation

Finland was forced to change its corporate income tax system after the European Court of Justice fou

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Half of Lithuanians support euro

VILNIUS - More than half of Lithuania's population supports adopting the euro, a Sept. 13-18 poll ca

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Latvia triples dairy exports

RIGA - Recent figures show that the Latvian dairy industry may be heading back to its export glory d

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Experts predict stable growth for Estonian economy

TALLINN - Last week was abuzz with predictions for the Estonian economy. The Institute for Economic

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TALKING TAX: Purchasing shares from an offshore company

Offshore jurisdictions for years have offered attractive tax optimization possibilities for Latvian

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Estonia Bank: Surplus not for railroads

TALLINN - The Bank of Estonia has reigned in on the use of budgetary surplus funds for the repurchas

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