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No sign of inflation slowing down

RIGA - Analysts raised their annual inflation forecasts for 2006 after consumer prices in July soare

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Estonian unions want to link pay with qualifications

TALLINN - In addition to a rise in the minimum wage, trade unions are also planning to link pay with

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Estonia's budget surplus continues to rise

TALLINN - Estonia's budget surplus 's one of only several in the EU and a source of much debate at h

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TALKING TAX: Car taxation in the EU: What's the big deal

Confusion abounds. First, the European Commission recently announced that it would like to see highe

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Inflation continues to grip Estonia

TALLINN - The Finance Ministry and the Bank of Estonia have said that annual inflation would remain

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Study: Latvian banks developing faster than expected

RIGA - Latvian banks have been developing at a faster rate than was previously expected, the latest

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Lithuanians set sights on 2009 for eurozone entry

VILNIUS - Even though Lithuanians are being told they will not see the euro until 2009 at the earlie

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Savisaar backs idea of train to Riga

TALLINN - Minister of Economy and Communications Edgar Savisaar said last week that he backed the La

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Snoras chiefs after majority stake

VILNIUS - Two top executives of Snoras Bankas, one of the fastest growing financial institutions in

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Lithuanian GDP up 8.2 % in 1H

VILNIUS - Lithuania's gross domestic product grew 8.2 percent in the first half of 2006, higher than

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