• 2006-04-12
  • Val Ramonis
I enjoy your articles about Lithuania but wish you could tell your writers (who mostly seem to be foreigners living in Lithuania) to check their facts and the spelling of Lithuanian names before they write.

For example, in your March 9-15 edition, in the article "Last Bastions of Paganism Tell All," the author, Anne Gallien, quotes Brother Algirdas Malaka-uskis, pastor of the "St. Bernadina Church" in Vilnius. There is no such church in Vilnius, or in all of Lithuania. The church she is referring to is the Church of the Bernardines. The Bernardines is a religious order of monks who built the church in the 16th century.

[Editor's Note: The mistake Mr. Ramonis refers to in the article "Last Bastions of Paganism Tell All" was not the fault of Ms. Gallien, the author. It was the result of an incorrect editorial decision.]


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