• 2006-03-15
  • By Chris Last
I assume that your reader "unimpressed" is an "A+" graduate of the Zhirinovsky Institute of Diplomatic Etiquette and Charm. I suspect that his English usage came from the same institute. As a member of the civilized world, with an interest in the alleged "crap" you write about Russia. I've found your articles very informative.

The current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, seems hell-bent on a course to stifle the press and opposition, as well as centralizing power. This, in the hands of an ex-KGB agent, doesn't give one the greatest confidence in the direction that Russia may take in the future.

This president re-opened the war in Chechnya with the possibility of destabilizing much of the Caucasus (plus continued interference in Georgia). In addition, threats have been leveled at Latvia and Estonia, and there has been interference in Ukraine.

Russia seems unable to come to terms with its loss of empire and crimes committed by its citizens in the various republics during Soviet times. In such circumstances, there is a tendency to lash out at all and sundry. I would suggest that "Ben of Russia" [reader who penned the letter 's ed.] needs some proper, balanced history books, to learn how to participate in debate, accept criticism and stop indulging Zhirinovsky-esque historionics.


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