Goons, not fans

  • 2006-05-17
  • By Sean Murray, Winnipeg, Canada
I'm a Canadian currently watching the game between Canada and Latvia in the World Hockey Championship and am a little bit frustrated by what I am seeing. The coins and debris being thrown on the ice is an absolutely disgusting act, and not what the greatest sport on earth is about. I understand the frustration over some of the calls made by the referees, however most of those calls were in fact the right calls. Not that it even matters if they were bad calls, it does not make the actions by some of your fans acceptable.

I understand that it's only a handful of your fans that are giving the rest of the nation a bad name. That point aside, these actions are ruining what, up until now, had been a great reputation of your fans. While debris was being thrown on the ice, the commentators on Canadian TV (TSN) were saying that you were known worldwide for being great fans and cheering your national team.

On a personal note, I had actually planned to be at this game during a trip to Europe that I was going to take, however I am quite content to watch it from home and not have to deal with your more boorish fans (I didn't call them hockey fans because they're not hockey fans, they are nothing more than goons). I wish your nation luck in restoring its reputation as great hockey fans. It is clear this reputation has been severely damaged.


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