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Debate ensues over minimum wage

TALLINN - The confederation of Estonian trade unions said it was not ready to accept an offer to rai

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Police detain border-service runaway

VILNIUS - Border guards detained a runaway border-service draftee posing as a Spanish citizen. The 1

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Pabriks asks for PACE support

RIGA - Foreign Minister Artis Pabriks urged Gyorgy Frunda, chairman of the Council of Europe Parliam

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Parliament hesitates to support bill

RIGA - After declaring a bill that would send the Latvian-Russian border treaty to the Constitutiona

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Red dud

The Latvian Red Cross just announced that they have established a bank account for people to donat

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Latvia 's wake up!

Two years ago, just like many Americans, I had no idea where or what the Baltic countries were. It w

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Though it is painful to admit, there is a sense of satisfaction in watching Latvia's ruling governme

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Corruption best stopped when still incipient

Estonia's police force is undergoing one of its worst crises in the past 15 years. An intense intern

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Things are bad - so let's have more of it!

It is 1998 and unemployment is 3.5 million. The country's new leader proclaims that fighting unemplo

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When it comes to expansion, Lithuania's furniture industry thinks big

VILNIUS - 2005 has been a news blitz for Lithuania's furniture industry. Above and beyond the myriad

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