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New drunk-driving campaign snares some 100 offenders

RIGA - Nearly 100 drivers were detained in the first three days of a campaign to enforce new legisla

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One of the Baltics' best friends on Capitol

Representative John Shimkus is one of the few representatives in the U.S. Congress with Baltic herit

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"We have no right to evade responsibility"

Let me extend my most sincere gratitude for invitation to this meeting. European leaders need more o

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You've got to hand it to the Center Party. No matter what mud their sworn adversaries sling at them,

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Interior Ministry falls short

RIGA - President Vaira Vike-Freiberga expressed strong disappointment at the Interior Ministry's fai

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Though distant, Balts keep close watch on bird flu

TALLINN - Estonia's permanent representative to the European Union, Ambassador Vaino Reinart, and Fo

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Evald Okas: an unfinished portrait

TALLINN - Like his life, Evald Okas' paintings have a story to tell. The narrative begins with a boy

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Parliament points fingers at NATO and Russia

VILNIUS - Four weeks after the crash of the Russian Su-27 jet fighter in Lithuania's Sakiai distri

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NGO: Latvia knee-deep in corruption

RIGA - Corruption watchdog Trans-parency International has once again named Latvia as the second mos

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Center Party takes Tallinn, Narva; Savisaar set to occupy mayor's

TALLINN - Estonia made a small contribution to the history of electoral democracy last weekend as th

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