Debate ensues over minimum wage

  • 2005-10-19
  • By TBT staff
TALLINN - The confederation of Estonian trade unions said it was not ready to accept an offer to raise the monthly minimum wage to 2,900 kroons (185 euros) next year. The central organization of employers proposed the increase. The confederation, however, insists on a national minimum wages of 3,300 kroons.

Talks began on Oct. 18 to negotiate the 2006 minimum wage. The aim is to achieve a binding agreement by the beginning of December, a confederation representative said.

He added that, in regard to labor-market policies, vocational education and a social-tax increase, unions and employers have common interests and fairly similar views.

The two sides plan to cooperate on these issues and then turn to the government. Both unions and employers consider it essential to raise the minimum social-tax rate, bring the unemployed back to the labor market and put more emphasis on vocational education.

The next round of talks has been set for Nov. 11