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Though it is painful to admit, there is a sense of satisfaction in watching Latvia's ruling governme

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Corruption best stopped when still incipient

Estonia's police force is undergoing one of its worst crises in the past 15 years. An intense intern

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Things are bad - so let's have more of it!

It is 1998 and unemployment is 3.5 million. The country's new leader proclaims that fighting unemplo

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When decisions must be made

The Interior Ministry has been rocked by scandal involving exorbitant bonuses paid out to police chi

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A Dangerous Game

Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis dropped a bombshell when he said on Latvian television that billiona

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As the old saying goes< bad news travels fast

A few years ago - when I was still living in Australia - I remember Latvia being in the headlines. N

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NATO's air defense system - or at least that part of it in northeastern Europe - is lousy. Or so bel

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Vike-Freiberga: the wolrd needs the United Nations

Statement by President of the Republic of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga at the Plenary Meeting of the

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mUNkey business

It comes as no surprise that last week's summit at the United Nations failed to produce anything mea

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Tourist seasons ends in flying colors

To write on a tourism season in September is surely being too pessimistic. A tour operator needs to

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