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"Lukashenko feasts daily on a diet of paranoia"

Terry Boesch, a 40-year-old American who taught business for 2.5 years at Belarus State University,

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The quiet man behind the wild city

Serving as mayor of any of the three Baltic capitals is largely paradoxical: it can make or break yo

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Shadow on the euro

How fast the tide turns. Back in February, a report that the South Korean central bank was planning

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Riga oversexed

Few would argue that, in the Baltics, if one is looking for a rowdy nightlife, there is no comparison to Riga. (Palanga would be a distant secon...

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Out of spouse's shadow and into the limelight

The mass media habitually keeps close watch on every word, every movement of Vilja Savisaar, Center

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Estonian students caught in wheels of Russia's politics

On Aug. 31, the 28th Finno-Ugric expedition of the Estonian Art Academy returned home from Russia, w

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Three cheers for Margaret

Sometimes we Balts try a bit too hard to please. And to our misfortune, we end up trying to please t

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House Concurrent Resolution 128

As debated in the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, July 22, 2005W

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The roof is on fire

The country's first gay march brought thousands of people to the streets of Riga's Old Town. Some ca

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Fighting an uphill battle in the countryside

Ester Tuiksoo arguably has the toughest job in the Estonian Cabinet of Ministers. She is at the fron

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