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"A shake-up in Europe could be useful"

Antanas Valionis has become the face of Lithuanian foreign policy. In fact, he is in his fifth strai

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The recent scandal with Estonia's police chief, Robert Antropov, once again illustrates a quality la

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( Don't ) take the money and run

Is it the money?! No, it can't be the money. What will getting the money accomplish? It should not b

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Sad week for Lithuania

Last week a Vilnius court found publisher and editor Vitas Tomkus guilty of inciting racial and ethn

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Degrees on trial in Lithuania

The Supreme Lithuanian Administrative Court has decided to hear a case in plenary session concerning

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The standoff between the Lithuanian president and Vilnius mayor underscores a number of issues perti

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Young educator to complete unfinished business

Even though a record number of 348 gold and 635 silver medals were awarded to Estonian graduates thi

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The EU in crisis? Again?

Following the dramatic two-day EU summit in Brussels, the words "Europe" and "crisis" have appeared

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Waiting for Waterloo

The Baltic states won a small, albeit enormously important, victory last week when the Parliamentary

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Parliament isn't the best part of society

Aloyzas Sakalas is the John McCain of Lithuanian politics 's an old-school politician who is fervent

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