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Gas attack

If there is any form of intelligent life out in the universe gazing down at our planet, one would ha

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Lithuania in the clutches of power-hungry technocrats

Right-wing forces in Lithuania have been honing their rhetoric for months now as they watch the ruli

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Katrina brings out Fourth World in America

It's not fair to blame George W. Bush for the disaster in New Orleans. He had nothing to do with the

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Transparency International, the world's only NGO dedicated exclusively to combating corruption, rais

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Maintaining Latvia's moral obligation

After losing the presidency to Vaira Vike-Freiberga in 1999, Vaira Paegle has solidified her niche a

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Ode to joke

If anything, the Commonwealth of Independent States will go down in history as the most meaningless

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The ugly game

The captain of Latvia's national football team has just turned the sport, at least in this part of t

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'Fear of more orphans in Estonia is unjustified'

Politics, in a very real sense, boils down to the art of dodging incrimination. Paul-Eerik Rummo, Es

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Broadcasting to hotspots: RFE/RL today

There's a Washington conversation that I have over and over again. Someone asks me what I do. I say,

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If anyone needs more testimony that the totalitarian rule of Alexander Lukashenko is a threat to Eur

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