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Baltic development model 's lessons for transforming countries

The emergence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as independent, democratic nations from the ashes of

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Salvaging KGB history from obscurity

Lithuanian society is still in shock following the KGB reservist scandal that broke out at the start

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Whitewashing the truth

A recent article by Viesturs Sprude in Latvijas Avize, published under the title "History" on Feb. 2

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Would the real George Bush please stand up?

U.S. President George Bush's first visit to Europe since his re-election last November was big news.

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Cleaning up the mess of previous governments

Aigars Kalvitis is Latvia's third prime minister in less than a year, and his coalition of unlikely

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Lithuania is in the throes of another "KGB fever." But compared with past episodes, this time around

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EU labor market: a race to the top or bottom?

The paradox that faced the Latvian construction firm Laval and Partners and Swedish organized labor

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Baltic minds debate the May-9th-in-Moscow dilemma

Intensity of opinion as to whether the Baltic presidents should or should not travel to Moscow fo

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On a book censured before being read

The recent publication of a new book on Latvia's 20th century history, compiled by a commission of f

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It never ceases to amaze how quickly things can change in politics. One day partners are smiling and

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