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Karimov is likely to get away with murder

The figure of 500 dead sounds suspiciously round, but it will stick. The regime's troops fired heavy

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'Tallinn needs to open up its harbors'

Tallinn's city government has twice been thrust into the whirlwind over the past few months 's morph

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Europarliament resolution on WWII

European Parliament resolution on the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War on May 8,

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Less than a month after Lithuania's government suffered its first casualty 's the finance minister s

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If there is anything to look forward to now that the World War II commemoration ceremonies are over,

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An axis of incompetence?

Three otherwise separate events over the past few weeks have highlighted the lack of competence by w

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'The beginning of a coalitional sunset?'

After submitting his resignation in protest of the new tax reform, Finance Minister Algirdas Butkevi

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By and large, not much has changed in the year since the Baltic states became members of the Europea

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Rice causes Soviet nostalgia to wax poetic

There are many international charades, but the one that continues to amuse is the "friendship" betwe

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'We should repay the Afghans'

Atis Lejins is one of the most prominent commentators on foreign policy in Latvia. Though now head o

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