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Bugging out in the Baltics

Day-to-day life in the Baltic states can sometimes be a very trying affair. The unwitting foreigner

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Letter to the editor: Latvia - get act together

It is very difficult to not become disillusioned with the political stability in Latvia. Latvia is b

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Government targets unwanted NGOs

In July 2003 Minister for Population Affairs Paul-Eerik Rummo claimed that the very absence of pro-m

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Knocked down by the 'rich right'

Head of the center-left National Harmony Party Janis Jurkans, who recently lost five deputies from h

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Is there a Baltic property bubble?

For the best part of two years homeowners in the Baltic states have been riding on the crest of a pr

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The noose is tightening around Rolandas Paksas' neck. Sadly, however, the tighter it gets, the more

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Wieder nach Lettland

Austrian Airlines has announced that it will restart its daily service between the capital cities of

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Estonia seeks fair competition among airlines

The national program for tourism development supports lowering the country's dependence on visitors

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Estonia hosts more visitors than Latvia

RIGA - Though Latvia and Estonia both witnessed a rise last year in the number of foreigners who cam

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A one-way ticket to better business

As president and CEO of airBaltic, Bertolt Flick has steered the company forward through several sig

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