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Capital markets prospects - 2004

As economic recovery worldwide confirms itself, it is expected that interest rates will gradually gr

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Hansabank Group profits up 9 percent

TALLINN - The Hansabank Group, the largest financial group in the Baltics, announced on Feb. 12 that

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Film reviews

Cold MountainDirector: Anthony Minghella.Starring: Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Rene Zellweger

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Passions aroused

Mel Gibson's latest film, "The Passion of Christ," is stirring up plenty of controversy ahead of its

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Diary of a Baltic exile

I had to spend a few days in Vilnius recently on business and while I was there I had something of a

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At long last, authentic Turkish cuisine comes to town

RIGA - TurkuRestorans (Turkish restaurant). It doesn't really get more direct than that. But in a ci

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Art that cuts to the very heart of the matter

RIGA - Nobody stands on ceremony quite like Latvians do. At the opening of Solveiga Vasiljeva's new

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One master adapts another in brilliant new production

VILNIUS - Stage adaptations of books are notoriously hard to pull off, especially when the book in q

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Demolition derby revs up to celebrate 10th anniversary

TALLINN - When destructive-minded Estonian boys grow up, they either join the army or, in case they

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Company briefs - 2004-02-19

The city of Vilnius announced that it was set to sell its main administrative building on Gedimino A

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