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Linguistic injustice

This letter is intended to once again bring to your attention a complaint against The Baltic Times w

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Analysis: EU adjusts external trade ties

The European Union has launched moves to readjust its trading ties with the rest of the world to tak

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Stressing morality at a morally defunct time

While he continues his political life as a member of Parliament, Landsbergis, a respected concert pi

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Last days of East European tyranny

"The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom," wrote th

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Time for constitutional change

The Cabinet resignation in Latvia is a scene all too familiar. The public, in fact, seems inured to

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Expats make a connection

RIGA - Afrolat is just one of the many ex-pat clubs that have formed over the past 12 years as forei

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Young association unites Africans in Latvia

RIGA - One of Latvia's newest and most unique clubs owes its existence to a civil lawsuit. Spurred o

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Riga's changing underground scene

RIGA - It's early Thursday evening, and all the lights are on in the basement of Pulkvedis, one of t

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Tallinn club owner keep up with the crowd

TALLINN - The club business may appear sexy and stylish, but in the backrooms of Tallinn's hottest n

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ESTONIATourest 2003. Travel trade fair presented by Estonian Association of Travel Agents. Eston

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