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Latvija in brief - 2004-02-26

Responding to questions about the legality of his recent real estate deals, which are currently unde

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Lembergs may enter political arena

RIGA - Aivars Lembergs, mayor of Ventspils and reportedly one of the richest and most influential pe

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Eesti in brief - 2004-02-26

Ulo Vooglaid, an MP from the Res Publica faction, resigned on Feb. 23, stating that his skills and a

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Decathlon star may lead Pro Patria to EP

TALLINN - Olympic decathlon champion Erki Nool will try to outrun his new competitors in European Pa

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Latest debate: who gets to go to Dublin?

TALLINN - President Arnold Ruutel said he wanted to represent Estonia at the May 1 EU enlargement ce

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Revamped Soprus to boost art house films

TALLINN - Estonia's independent film industry got a much-needed shot in the arm on Feb. 18 with the

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Spy plane's cameo in Baltics stirs controversy

RIGA - A two-day flight of a NATO observation plane over the Baltic skies was cheered by local milit

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Estonian wolves - from outlaws to protected animals

TALLINN - With its multitude of habitats, abundance of food and proximity of the big wolf population

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History - compliments of Russia

RIGA - It was only a matter of time before someone from Russia, catalyzed by images of thousands of

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New Era rejects president's PM nominee

RIGA - The formation of a new government in Latvia was dealt a serious setback this week when New Er

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