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Doomed Paksas launches feeble counterattack

VILNIUS - The agonizingly slow impeachment process against President Rolandas Paksas came one step c

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Rolling Estonians safely back home after worldwide odyssey

TALLINN - On the evening of Feb. 4, two extremely well worn Mer-cedes-Benz G-class cross-country veh

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Those Baltic names again

(in response to Leo Kangjarv's letter to TBT in #394)If Mr. Kangjarv is correct, and in Estonian

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Misleading comparisons of 20th century tragedies

Late last month, representatives of 58 countries gathered in Stockholm for the International Forum o

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Strengthening ethnic identity during the era of integration

One glance at Roma Zakaitiene leaves no doubt that she is indeed a woman of culture. Yet the culture

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Paksasgate is essentially a constitutional crisis

The ongoing presidential scandal is a serious test for the political system of Lithuania. During the

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Too often it seems that people in Latvia are unwilling to listen, or that they listen but do not hea

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The bitter truth about Estonia's dental health

TALLINN - It could be said that Estonia has a bit of a sweet tooth. According to Kalev, the Tallinn-

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No price freeze for ice cream

TALLINN - Estonia's two largest ice-cream producers, which together control about 90 percent of the

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Revamped factory meets baking needs

OGRE - The enticing aroma of freshly baked bread flows from the windows, doors and air vents of the

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