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Repse refuses to cooperate with investigation

RIGA - Prime Minister Einars Repse on Feb. 17 notified the parliamentary committee investigating his

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Russian sanctions against Latvia won't hurt

MOSCOW-RIGA - Even if Russia imposes economic sanctions against Latvia for alleged violations of min

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Composition of new coalition still murky

RIGA - Latvia was set to enter its third week without a consensus for a new ruling coalition, as cen

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Eesti in brief - 2004-02-19

The government last week approved a bill on fines for excessive stocks of sugar. Fines are set for e

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Center for stateless draws EU criticism

RIGA - The remote, little known illegal immigration center in Olaine, 22 kilometers south of Riga wh

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Estonia signs on to chide Europe's heavyweights

TALLINN - The prime ministers of Estonia, Italy, Holland, Poland, Portugal and Spain published a joi

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Reporter protects source against police demands

TALLINN - A journalist from a leading Estonian daily was reportedly mistreated by police after refus

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Zuokas accuses paper of journalistic blackmail

VILNIUS - The timbre of scandal in Lithuania was elevated yet another notch recently when Vilnius Ma

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Latvia singled out by European human rights expert

STRASBOURG - Alavaro Gil-Robles, the human rights commissioner for the Council of Europe, singled ou

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Latvian animation company draws on its extraordinary success

RIGA - It doesn't often happen that the work of the Latvian film industry achieves international suc

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