Letter to the editor: Latvia - get act together

  • 2004-02-26
It is very difficult to not become disillusioned with the political stability in Latvia. Latvia is blessed with a wonderful, intelligent and very capable President in Vaira Vike- Freiberga who is representing her country remarkably well in the nations of Europe and abroad. She has done much to promote Latvia as a country of innumerable opportunities for growth and expansion and is helping to put Latvia on the European stage.

What then, in the name of God, is going on in the country's Parliament? It seems to stumble from one crisis to another and certainly does not encourage a feeling of confidence either in its own citizenry or those of us Latvians who live elsewhere. Please, for the future sake of the country, I urge you all to get your act together. These terrible fractious entities do nothing to inspire confidence in a government to properly do the required work for the people of Latvia that it is incumbent upon the government to achieve. What kind of government do you really want them to be subjected to, and what kind of picture do you wish to present to the rest of the world? Do something, or I fear this very precious freedom that we have fought so hard to achieve after over 50 years of Soviet oppression and occupation will have all been for naught!
My hope is that those individuals who aspire to elective office to work for the betterment of the people of Latvia will band together, determine exactly what is important for the country to survive politically and socially and work toward a cohesive agenda that will be the pride of its people. They deserve the very best that any politician has to offer, and, God willing, all of these fractious entities will come to their senses and do the right thing.

Edite Lynch