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Big Mac attacks

TALLINN - Despite the recent rise, the Estonian kroon continues to be undervalued in relation to the

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Latvia's euro hopes alive

RIGA - Although inflation spiked in 2004, Latvia should still become a full member of the European E

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Kaliningrad tax breaks could be abolished

VILNIUS - Planned changes in tax policies in Russia's Kaliningrad could force many Lithuanian compan

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Almunia: Estonia to be one of first to get euro

TALLINN - The EU's monetary commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, said on Dec. 15 that Estonia is set to be

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Fund issues mortgage-backed securities

TALLINN - The Baltic-American Enterprise Fund issued $63.6 million in mortgage-backed securities in

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Tallinn Water thirsty for listing

TALLINN - The executive board of AS Tallinna Vesi (Tallinn Water) said last week that, in cooperatio

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IMF to Lithuania: cut income tax rate

VILNIUS - The International Monetary Fund has recommended that Lithuania cut its income tax rate to

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Government trims deficit through sleight of hand

RIGA - The government of Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis delivered on its promise to shore up the sta

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Parex conducts another close equity offer

RIGA - Parex Bank sold shares in a closed subscription among a group of high-profile investors, incl

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Big boys team up with new card

VILNIUS - Hansabankas, Lithuania's second-largest commercial bank by assets, and VP Market, the larg

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