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Suprema gets new manager for Russia

TALLINN - Suprema Securities announced that it has appointed Vadim Ogneshchikov its new fund manager

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Lithuania less of a burden for taxpayers

VILNIUS - According to a report issued last week by Eurostat, Lithuania had the lowest overall tax b

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Hansabank excited about Eastern prospects

TALLINN - Hansabank, the Baltics' largest financial institution, announced last week that it would c

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Estonians prefer Baltics, Cyprus

TALLINN - Investments made by Estonian residents in other countries totaled 78.1 billion kroons (4.9

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Vilniaus Bankas borrowing on the cheap

VILNIUS - Vilniaus Bankas, which just completed a 100 million litas (29 million euro) placement of o

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Lithuanians consumers hungry for imported goods

VILNIUS - Lithuania's current account deficit amounted to 1.1 billion litas (343 million euros) in t

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Estonia, Lithuania step closer to the euro

VILNIUS - Lithuania and Estonia officially joined the exchange rate mechanism (ERM2) on June 27, the

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Lithuania eager to mint own euro coins

VILNIUS - The Bank of Lithuania said it would announce an open contest for the design of plaster mod

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Latvia to seek compensation for EU-Russian faux pas

RIGA - The Agriculture Ministry announced it would summarize information about losses to agricultura

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Banker: use budget surplus wisely, or else

TALLINN - Head of the Bank of Estonia Vahur Kraft said last week it was important that the governmen

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