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Lithuanians braced for new taxes

VILNIUS - Lithuanian taxpayers could be slapped with new taxes to offset possible budget revenue los

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Estonia upbeat about latest IMF report

TALLINN - The governor of the central bank was quick to put a positive spin on the latest report by

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Latvia raises interest rates, predicts more inflation for 2005

RIGA - The Bank of Latvia raised the core interest rate last week, the second time it has done so th

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Swelling number of loans for Latvian banks

RIGA - The number of loans issued to individuals has swelled by 55.5 percent during the first nine m

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Prospects and pitfalls of oil transit through Ventspils port

The Russian oil industry has greatly helped propel Baltic transit in recent years. The favorable wo

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Growing number of Estonians switch pension funds

TALLINN - As many as 31,831 Estonian residents have taken advantage of the opportunity to switch pen

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East Capital invests in beauty market

RIGA - East Capital has announced that, through its private equity fund, the East Capital Amber Fund

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Increase in Hansabank's Russian operation

TALLINN - The share of Russian operations in Hansabank profits could grow to 10 percent in three yea

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Tiketa launches online booking system

VILNIUS - Lithuania's ticket agency, Tiketa, has rolled out a new system that allows users to buy ti

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Latvian banks serve as transit for Russian money

RIGA - Offshore Russian funds could make up some 30 percent of Latvian banking assets, according to

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