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Lithuanian economy too hot not to see more inflation

VILNIUS - The Ministry of Finance announced that it has cut the gross domestic product growth foreca

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Central bank alone on battlefield against runaway inflation

RIGA - Lawmakers threw more fuel to the inflation fire last week when, after an extraordinary sessio

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FDI favors Lithuania

VILNIUS - Lithuania still lags behind Latvia and Estonia in terms of foreign direct investment per c

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Analyst: Hansabank posts solid 1H results

TALLINN - Suprema's Triin Palge said that Hansabank's second-quarter results were higher than analys

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Inflation hurts investment returns

RIGA - Latvia's record inflation rate this year has put a dent in investment possibilities, as the r

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Tourists flock to Latvia, Baltics, while rural tourist operators develop strategic plan

RIGA - The Economy Ministry has predicted that the number of tourists visiting Latvia this year woul

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Poles dragging feet on energy-bridge

VILNIUS - Lithuania's energy operators are eager to find ways to shrug off the dependence on Russia'

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GMO products filtering in

VILNIUS - The number of genetically modified products is on the rise in Lithuania as tests carried o

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Kilowatts, gas cheapest in Latvia

RIGA - Latvian consumers have the lowest average electricity and natural gas bills compared with bot

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Latvian economists: Cabinet, Parliament fueling inflation with extra spending

RIGA - Leftist oppositionists in Parliament supported the minority government's budget amendments la

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