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Central bank might sell its stake in Optiva Bank

TALLINN - Rumors of a possible new major investor in Optiva Bank caused some excitement on the stock

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Off the Wire

VISIT PLANNED: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe High Commissioner Max van der Sto

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Latvian Baltbat troops ready for Bosnia

RIGA (BNS) - The Baltic battalion, Baltbat, will continue to participate in the peace-keeping missio

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Latvia's tuberculosis incubators

This morning Janis Leimans, director of the National Tuberculosis Center, received a call warning hi

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Land reform drones on despite funding woes

IGNALINA/VILNIUS - Dalia Kapociene, a land surveyor in Lithuania's eastern region of Ignalina, is no

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Passions boil over land in Zverynas

VILNIUS - The opposition Labor Democrats asked Parliament Chairman Vytautas Landsbergis to resign, a

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Lithuania's TV monument

VILNIUS - In an art action called "Give Europe an old TV set," the Museum of the Center of Europe an

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Possible changes in media law cause stir

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian media moguls strongly oppose a set of amendments to the media law claiming

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Corruption and drugs prove profitable for the mafia

Today Riga Criminal Police Chief Aloizs Blonskis and criminal prosecutor Dagmara Usca are not too wo

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Report highlights dark side of transition

RIGA - When changes started sweeping communist countries 10 years ago, no one thought adjusting to m

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